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Chris Herlihy

Christopher R. Herlihy

Associate Professor

Department of Biolgy

Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Phone: 615-898-2611

Office: SCI 1059

Lab: SCI 1056

Middle Tennessee State University

Evolution and Ecology of Plant Reproduction


My students and I work on questions related to the ecology, evolution and pollination biology of cedar glade endemic species of Leavenworthia. We use a combination of experiments done in the field, greenhouse and growth chambers, as well as genetic analysis to answer questions about major evolutionary trends in flowering plants.


Two major themes currently being explored in the lab are shifts in flower color and mating system evolution. One set of projects focuses on the evolutionary maintenance of a flower color polymorphism in Leavenworthia stylosa. A second project focuses on the repeated evolution of self-compatibility in Leavenworthia alabamica.


For more information, see our research and publications pages.

Leavenworthia stylosa
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